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Best Neck Workout At Home For Stronger Neck

Chest Exercises : Best Workouts For Wider Chest
Chest Exercises : Best Workouts For Wider Chest

Neck Workout At Home

Neck workout now a days is also necessary along with having stronger biceps and triceps. Stiff nick exercises plays an important role in handsome look! There are various neck exercises for mass. Some of the best neck exercises are discussed in this article in complete detail !

It’s been commonly accepted that Monday is international chest day. Upon entering the gym, It’s a known fact that the dumbbells and bench press stations will be taken.

If asking a fellow gym bro what muscles he is training, there will be many references to chest, back, shoulders, arms, or legs. So let me ask you an interesting question.

Best Neck Workout At Home For Stronger Neck
Best Neck Workout At Home For Stronger Neck

Have you ever heard anyone say “Today is neck day”? In my entire lifting career, I have not found a single person in real life who told me they were going to train their neck.

In fact, when I inform people that I am training my neck, they will often appear puzzled and respond “what?

In the mind of average lifters, you cannot achieve hypertrophy of the neck, nor is it even viewed as a muscle.

Of course, viewing a basic anatomy chart proves these ignorant beliefs to be false, but nonetheless the fact that you never heard of “neck day” proves how underrated neck training is.

Building strong neck muscles may not be on your first priorities list when working out, but, in fact, you shouldn’t neglect them.

They not only add to your overall image but are also good for your health!

In 2008, scientists from National Research Center for the Working Environment in Copenhagen proved that strengthening your neck relieves pain in this area, so why not start benefiting yourself right now and do some neck-building exercises?

But don’t overdo it. Your neck is more vulnerable than the rest of your muscles, so keep the weights lighter than you would for other exercises.

Waking up one day without being able to turn your head is not a sensation you’d like to experience. So keep your neck safe and don’t break it!

Give this body weight only neck workout a try! This routine can be done right from at home, at the gym, or literally anywhere you can set up your body at an elevation where the neck can come down to a full stretch and come up to a full flex.

The neck is an uncommon area to train but if you start to, you can reap many benefits from it if done correctly.

Stronger neck muscles improve sports performance. Some examples being more stability, better posture for overall movements,

Neck muscles assist in respiration so improved breathing during hard exercise, and much more. A bigger neck also makes you appear much more muscular than you are.

You want to do neck exercises in a controlled consistent rhythm. That being said, do so at a relatively quick paced rate because the neck responds greatest to that method.

If you need, go slower to make sure you’re doing neck work properly and safely, especially if you get to a point where you add weight, but as you advance, the quicker paced movement will yield maximal result. This neck routine is rep based but you can still follow right along!

Best Neck Workout At Home For Stronger Neck
Best Neck Workout At Home For Stronger Neck

Why Should I Start Training My Neck?

One might suspect that neck training is uncommon since on the surface level, it does not provide any real benefits.

Many will compare the neck to the calves, and claim that it is an “optional” body part. This is one of the greatest lies to have ever been conceived in the lifting world.

The reality is that neck training is not only mandatory, but can also make one of the BIGGEST differences in your physique.

The neck will literally make or break a physique. Too many times, lifters will have massive pecs and arms, but puny necks.

The result is that these individuals always look small and frail, especially when talking face to face.

The fact of the matter is that as a drug-free lifter, having a larger neck is absolutely essential!

You cannot afford to have a stack of dimes for a neck if wanting to appear big.

That is why in this article, I will teach you all the essentials of acquiring a bigger neck. We will explore various neck training methods through using straight weight, wrestler bridges, bands, and a neck harness.

The more harder neck workout you do, the more stronger nick you have !

Neck Stretching :

Before training the neck, it is imperative that you stretch it. Not doing so can cause zingers to appear, where one side of your neck is cramped up.

This can make it difficult to go about your daily life, and makes turning your head to be a real pain.

Doing neck stretching right before weighted neck work can prevent this problem from arising in the first place.

I recommend a combination of static and dynamic stretching. You will want to move your head up and down, left and right, diagonal, clockwise, counter clockwise, etc.

The stretches that you have learned in high school should be sufficient for this. I advise that you stretch the neck for a minimum of 10-30 seconds per angle, which should total to approximately two minutes. Once that neck is warmed up, it’s time to begin the real training.

This neck workout is awesome !

Straight Weight :

Using straight weight is the simplest way to train your neck, and is what most beginners should start with.

These exercises are very basic yet effective, and you can easily add many inches to your neck without using fancy equipment. Everyone should begin with straight weight, bottom-line.

Lying Neck Curl :

The neck curl is the primary mass builder for the neck. It involves placing a weight plate on your forehead, and flexing the chin towards your upper chest.

This will build the front of the neck and thicken the sternocleidomastoid, which will make your neck appear very thick and wide from the front. It is by far the most important exercise in your training.

To correctly execute neck workout, you need to first wear some type of hat. This will create padding and thickness on the forehead, which will prevent weight plates from digging into your skin and creating ridges.

1. Dumbbell shrug is an exercise that targets both your shoulders and your neck, so there’s a double benefit here. It’s a basic set that should be incorporated in any neck workout.
2. Face down resistance exercise targets your neck specifically, but it should be performed with caution: if you do it wrong, it can lead to serious injury.
3. Almost any exercise, if it’s not extremely isolating (like biceps curls, for example), targets several muscles at once. Dumbbell rows are not an exception: they target your triceps, shoulders, and back of the neck.It is best neck workout!
4. Lateral raise targets not only your neck and traps but your shoulders and upper arms as well.
5. Front dumbbell raise targets the front of your shoulders, your traps, and sides of the neck, as well as the upper chest muscles.
6. With face up resistance you’ll be targeting your traps, deltoid muscles, and the back of the neck.
7. Reverse fly exercise doesn’t directly affect the neck. It targets the rhomboid and the deltoids, making your neck and shoulders stronger and more flexible.
8. Don’t forget to warm up your neck. It’s one of those regions of your body that are more vulnerable when it comes to strain damage, along with your lower back and joints.
9. Neck workout shouldn’t be the only workout of a day — it’s normally combined with something else, and trainers argue about which is best: to combine it with your arms and shoulders day or give it a go on a chest and back day.
10. It’s as important to cool down after a neck workout as it is to warm it up. Cooling down is often neglected at the gym, but professional trainers advise against this practice.

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