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Causes Of Grey Hair and Remedy To Reverse Grey Hair


With the passage of time when our age increases, the color of our hair also begins to turn grey or white but now a days , this problem can be seen even in young people including teenagers. There are different causes of grey hair !

So in this article, we will discuss how can we reverse grey hair. Grey hair is common problem among people now a days. Solution and treatment of  grey hair & causes of grey hair problem will also be discussed !

The main causes of grey hair in teenagers is changing lifestyle,food & pollution and also use of unverified hair creams and gels !

There are specialized cells called as melanocytes that are present in our skin in our hair. These melanocytes produce a pigment called as melanin.

When the production of melanin becomes less in our hair. Hair starts appearing white.

So What can be the causes of this melanin production and what are remedies to get rid of grey hair and transformed them into naturally into black ! So lets start with causes of grey hair :

1. Genetics 

If there are members in your family who are experiencing or who have experienced greying of hair then there is high possibility that you will suffer premature greying of hair.

2. Vitamin B12 & B5 Deficiency 

The deficiency of these two vitamins can lead to greying of hair.

Vitamin B12 does alot of things for your body such as it helps your DNA & Red blood cells.

Food Sources of Vitamin B12 :

Animal sources include dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, and poultry.

Vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin from the B group of vitamins. It helps produce energy by breaking down fats and carbohydrates. It also helps in healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver.

Other Causes :

There are other causes like chronic anemia, taking too much stress, excess consumption of salt.

Taking too much alcohol also affects hair in bad manner. Cigarettes & drugs do not keep your scalp area clean, giving rise to thinning of hair and also transforming them into greyish color.

All these can be the reason for premature greying of hairs.

Natural Remedy to Reverse Grey Hair At Home in 3 Days 

Coconut oil & Lemon Juice :

The vitamins and nutrients in lemon juice nourishes the hair and prevents premature grey hair. The lemon juice mixed with coconut oil creates an effective solution to get rid of grey hair and restore you natural hair color.

Causes Of Grey Hair and Remedy To Reverse Grey Hair
Coconut oil & lemon juice Remedy To Reverse Grey Hair

Procedure & Method :

Take an empty clean bowl. Add 1/4 cup of coconut oil in the bowl. Now take a lemon, cut it into two halves and squeezes its juice in the same bowl.

Mix the two ingredients well. Apply a thick layer layer of this oil in your scalp. Apply in the way that you start from the roots of your hair and take it till the tips.

Massage your hair gently in the circular manner. Continue to massage your hair for about 3-5 minutes till the oil is well observed in the scalp and hair well.

Apply this oil before sleeping and the next morning wash your hair and rinse them well.

A proper usage of this oil will reduce your grey white hair and you will observe an obvious difference in hair color.

Benefits :

The natural vitamins and fatty acid present in coconut oil nourishes your scalp and let your hair grow faster with good hair quality and texture.

The major reason of using coconut oil is,  It can absorb faster in the scalp and stays for long and it has very good aroma with so many benefits for hair pigmentation and growth.

Whereas Lemon Juice adds shine and gives a good healthy texture to your hair when applied in the scalp and hair roots.

Try this cure , White and Grey Hair , at home and share it with friends.

Comment below , if it works for you !!

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