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Food Matters

Stomach Ulcer – Definition, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

ULCER - An Ulcer in the stomach is known as gastric ulcer and ulcer in the duodenum is known as duodenal ulcer. It is...

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Healthy Life

What is Protein Synthesis and How Does It Works

Protein Synthesis - Proteins are made of a long chain of amino acids, which has been coded for by DNA. The order of the bases of...
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Sport News

Chest Exercises : Best Workouts For Wider Chest

Best Neck Workout At Home For Stronger Neck

Neck Workout At Home - Neck workout now a days is also necessary along with having stronger biceps and triceps. Stiff nick exercises plays an...

Best Healthy Eating Facts – Health Buks

Healthy Eating Facts : Keeping balanced diet now a days is blessing. There are healthy eating facts which ensure your health and keep you healthy...
What is Cancer ? How Cancer caused

What is Cancer ? How does it Cause and Spread

What is Cancer ? How does it Cause and Spread Cancer is one of the dangerous disease faced now a days. In this article we...
2 Awesome Remedies to Lose Weight In Just One Week

2 Awesome Remedies to Lose Weight Fast In Just One Week

Increasing weight has become a major problem in today’s world. Most people do workouts and exercise to lose weight. The habit of fast food...
Bad Effects of alcohol on brain

Bad Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Effects Of Alcohol : Alcohol, or more specifically, ethanol, affects brain functions in several ways.  Alcohol is generally known as a DEPRESSANT of the central...
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