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How To Make Six Pack Abs At Home In Just One Week – Fitness

How To Make Six Pack Abs At Home In Just One Week - Fitness
how to make 6 packs abs at home in just one week

Every one wants to look cool and fit.For that purpose they join gym and fitness club but here i will tell you that how can you make six packs in just one week at home. Making 6 pack abs is bit difficult but not impossible. If you do regular workout at home, i am sure you can also make 8 pack abs.Some of the exercise that you can follow at home for six pack are given below,


You will learn how to get strong six pack abs using exercises which actually work! None of the exercises require equipment or weights, meaning you can workout at home without needing a gym membership.

The dragon flag, hollow body hold, front plank, side plank, hanging knee and leg raise are all highly effective core exercises. If you are looking to get a strong 6 pack, make sure to follow this article and include the advice in your training and workouts.

You do not need any equipment for this six pack abs workout.

How To Make Six-Packs Abs :

First of all you can do Push-up.It is difficult to do push-up but if you can do struggle you can do everything.

We have three kinds of Push-up.

  1. First you can do push-up with one hand apart from another that means that you put your hand very far that you chest can go down easily.You can do this type of Push-up only 20 times.

Now you can rest for 2 minutes.

  1. After doing this .Now you near your both hand little.Now you can start a Push-up.You can do this type of push-up for 20 times.

Now you can again rest for 2 minutes.

  1. Number third Push-up is very difficult to do but if you want to make six pack abs you can struggle.In this type of Push-up you will put both hand very close.Your both hand of thumb finger join with one another.Now you can start Push-up.You can do this type of Push-up for 15 to 20 times.

How To Make Six Pack Abs At Home In Just One Week - Fitness

Exercise and Diet :

It doesn’t mean that you do only exercise . You will also need to maintain good diet .You will eat those foods which have proteins.For example boil egg,boil potato,Banana. You can also make a Banana Juice if you don’t like eating banana.Moreover you can take those food which have high number of proteins , carbs and fats to fulfill all your body requirements which were lost during the workout. If you haven’t energy you will be not able to do exercise.If you have energy you can do any type of exercise.

Push Ups for making 6 packs abs

Follow this workouts for 1-2 weeks and then check the results. I am sure you will get your desired results.

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