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10 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Loss Treatment 


10 Powerful Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Here is a list of 10 Powerful Home Remedies for Hair Loss Treatment which can be followed at home to reduce hair fall. These home remedies for hair fall are very powerful and can be used in greater extent to reduce dandruff and hair fall.

In this article we will discuss 10 powerful home remedies for hair loss treatment for both male and female. Some of them are proven to work and have scientific basis while other natural remedies have no scientific background but work remarkably.

Well! There are many hair loss solutions and treatments like hair fall shampoos, lotions and pills! There are hundred of products that claim to cure hair loss but which can you trust ?

Now Here is the list of 10 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Loss Treatment!



Gently Massage your scalp in the circular motion and pressures can improve the blood flow to the scalp hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Doing this twice a day if found helpful.

This can not only strengthen your existing hair but is also helpful in treating hair thinning specially if its due to nutrients deficiencies. Supplements like Biotin, collagen , vitamin C, Zinc and others.

Along with the scalp massage will revert your hair back to normal within 3-6 months if the cause is due to nutritional deficiencies. In addition, head massage also relives stress and anxiety.



Fresh Aloe Vera gel extracted from a leaf has anti-inflammatory properties, It reduces scalp inflammation specially in sebonheic dermatitis and dandruff and reduces itchiness and scaling to considerable extent !

It stimulates blood circulation and improve delivery of oxygen and nutrition to hair fall follicles. So Now,

How to Use Aloe Vera Gel ?

Cut a healthy leaf from Aloe Vera plant. Peel one side of it and scrape out the gel using spoon. Apply this gel directly to your scalp & massage in circular motions.

Leave it for an hour or two and then wash off with mild shampoo.

Use this three or four times a week consistently for 6 months to see better results.

10 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Loss Treatment 



Ginseng supplements can promote growth by stimulating hair follicles and blocking the Hormone DHT – ( Di Hydroxy Testosterone ).

The active ingredients in Ginseng are called Ginsenosides.

Ginseng is special type of short plant with fleshy roots and the Asian variety is considered the best because it contains these active ingredients for hair stimulation.

There are many supplements with ginseng available to purchase online.

Note : Ginger and Ginseng are not the same.

10 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Loss Treatment 



Coconut oil contains seven different types of fatty acid like caproic, caprylic, capric, lauric acid etc . There is not study to prove that coconut oil promotes hair growth.

It is only the best conditioner and improves the lusher of your hairs making it strong especially , if you have dry hair.

It also protects your hair by coating it and prevents damage to your hair shaft.

Some recommend mixing lemon to the coconut oil and applying it on hair.

10 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Loss Treatment 



Onion juice has been shown to successfully treat patchy hair loss and is also called alopecia areata in promoting haor growth in bald areas or patches.

you can apply onion juice to your hair after using oil but it works even better when you mix onion juice with oil.Mix a few tablespoons with the onion juice and apply to your scalp.

Massage thoroughly then leave on for about an hour (overnight if you can tolerate the smell).



Garlic is similar to the onion juice. The latest research shows that apply garlic paste to hair along with betamethasone valerate cream on bald areas produce more hair regrowth.

Much like onion , Garlic is also full of minerals and vitamins that might help in hair regrowth and also helps in making hair strong.

Applying a paste of blended garlic paste can be tried as home remedy for hair loss without any adverse effect.



Viviscal is an oral hair growth supplement containing a wealth of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to combat hair thinning.

The key ingredient in Viviscal is the Amino Mar Marine complex which contain shark cartilage and oyster extract powder.

Viviscal supplements are for women who want to maintain normal healthy hair growth.

Viviscal supplements are scientifically formulated with the important nutrients Biotin and Zinc, which help maintain normal healthy hair growth from within, and the unique marine protein complex AminoMar C.



Biotin is a B vitamin often recommended for hair health. Since biotin deficiency can lead to thinning of the hair,

Doctors claim that taking biotin supplements—in pill or tablet form or using biotin-enriched shampoo and hair products can thicken hair and stimulate hair and nail growth.

Biotin , zinc and collagen supplements or from foods rich in these sources are also very useful in hair regrowth if use in conjunction with other treatments.



Jojoba oil can be very helpful to  regrow hair and prevent hair loss. This oil mimics the consistency of sebum, which is a natural oil produced by our skin. As a result, it absorbs effortlessly into the scalp and hair follicles without blocking it up.

Jojoba oil is best conditioner for hair. This oil also cure damage hair and is also helpful for dry hair. It acts same as coconut oil with nourishing effects.

It also protects your hair by coating it and prevents damage to your hair shaft.

How To Use Jojoba Oil on your scalp?
Rub the oil between your palms, then apply it onto the scalp and massage gently for 5-8 minutes, focusing on the areas where the hair is thinnest and fewer. Leave the Jojoba oil sitting for about 10-20 minutes before shampooing. You can also leave the oil in until the next wash or you can leave the oil overnight , then wash it in morning.



Licorice roots is thought to open hair roots strengthen weakened hair follicles by its anti – inflammatory and hair strengthening properties.

They also strengthen the hair shaft and provide natural shine to your hair. In addition, licorice root is very useful in skin conditions like dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. How to use: Place 1 tablespoon of licorice root with 1½ cups of water in a medium saucepan.

It is helps in hair loss treatment.