5 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth


Everyone among us wants strong hair. We all face hair fall problems now a days. Unhealthy food, changing lifestyle & lake of proper nutrients are some of the causes of hair loss. In some cases Genetic problem is also one of the cause of hair loss.

These factors can be controlled by different treatments. Treatments can enhance hair health. In this article 5 easy ways to prevent hair loss & promote hair growth will be discussed !

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth


The first easy way to prevent hair loss is the availability of biotin in your body.You need to take enough biotin in your diet everyday. Now that controls your hair fall especially in something called as allopacia areta.

You will see major decrease in the hair fall , if you take biotin daily in your diet.

Foods that contain BIOTIN :

Biotin can be found in eggs. Both egg white and yolk are optimum for hair health. Foods like milk, eggs etc will give you have grams of protein which are very beneficial for healthy hair and will definitely prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

2) Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

The second tip for healthy hair is omega-3 fatty acids. Now again omega-3 fatty acids are available abundantly in fish or fish oil.

Fish especially mackerel is great reservoir of omega -3 which plays an important role to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

But for vegetarian, you need to go for flax seeds. Even flax seeds have good quantity of omega-3 fatty acids.

The first two ways discussed in this article are enough to ensure the quality of hair, prevent hair loss & promote hair growth.

3) Zinc 

The third way to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth is zinc. In most of the fruits and vegetables, zinc is not available in handsome quantity that is needed for strong hair.

So i normally suggest to go for multi-mineral and multi-vitamins tablets to fulfill zinc requirements. Any multi-mineral tablets will give you enough zinc to improve the quality of hair in greater extent.

Taking one tablet of multi minerals at night will be quiet enough to fulfill the necessary requirements of zinc in the body.

4) Iron,Protein and Vitamin C 

The fourth tip is the combination of different components of healthy diet that is iron, protein and vitamin C.

It won,t affect hair directly but it will improve your hair quality in means of strengthening and will make it strong.

You need to have iron in your diet. Iron can be found in green leafy vegetables like spinach. You should have good lean protein and healthy protein. Along with these two, you will also need to have good quantity of vitamin c in your body.

Protein can be found in eggs, bananas, potatoes , milk etc whereas vitamin C is found in oranges, lemon and tomato. Remember tomato have greater quantity of Vitamin C as compared to oranges.

5) Massage of Hair 

The fifth tip is practical and interesting. Everyone wants head massage to relax and release tension and stress. So the last tip to prevent hair loss & promote hair growth is off course massage of your hair regularly.

Here i will suggest some best natural hair oils to do massage with;

1.Mustard oil 

Mustard oil is typically found in Asia majorly in Pakistan and India. It is quite natural and have nourishing properties which will ensure your hair strength up to great extent. Mustard oil has great properties in respect with blacking of hair and making it strong.

Mustard oil works on thin hair, damage roots and give it a new life. Resulting in hair growth and prevent hair loss, therefore.

2. Coconut oil 

Lots of products regarding coconut oil are present in the market. But i would suggest natural coconut oil rather than buying any artificial product.

It contains lipids and has other interesting properties. It also works on hair loss and promote hair growth.

Many research proves that oil from coconut have greater benefits for hair as it regrows damage roots and helps thin hair in growth and make it strong.

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